Dear parents,

Welcome to the Mayur community. A place where children come and scholars leave. The humble Oasis of education.

You have certainly come across the best place for your young ones as we stand today as the foremost leading Education institute in the Jodhpur Division and one of the leading schools in Rajasthan.

We at Mayur understand that it is a mixed emotion to see your tiny hearts leaving every morning for school beginning the great journey of life with that first step out in a pair of black school shoes.  But how wonderful it would be to know, that your kid will be not only taught but rather educated to fare well in life with high moral values and a lustrous career.

This we share with you anticipatively, proudly seeing our alumni prospering in all career schemes and conquering their prospective fields.

We at Mayur Nobles Academy hold the hands of our children with utmost warmth and serious concern to provide them with the education that they deserve and require keeping in mind today’s fast forward growth of life and the urgent requirement of educational institutes which provide a holistic environment to their students.

Discipline. Character. Progress.

We stand true to our motto and work together to teach and nurture their minds to cultivate into healthy future youths.

So Mayurites let’s strive for the bright future for all of you.

Team Mayur