The admission 2021-2022 process of all classes has been opened from 20th July 2021 to 31st July 2021 as par the order of the state government.

Welcome to Mayur Nobles Academy


We at Mayur, endeavor to send our students back to their homes everyday, better than they were yesterday. Improvement is our promise to ourselves. We are here not to market our infrastructure, facilities menu and fake promises, but to build your children strong by inculcating in them discipline, character,  education, morals, purpose, goal and thus pushing them towards progress EVERYDAY.

At Mayur,  the student sitting at the last bench is equal to the one at the first bench. Our students learn to serve the society, build up their own worth and ultimately to serve the nation.  A Mayurite is distinct because he knows he needs to grow everyday so that he can support the weak, improve the strong and increase his quality rather than quantity.

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